Molly-Mae shares how gaining weight made her "healthier"

Jennifer Savin
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From Cosmopolitan

If there's one thing Molly-Mae Hague is good at, it's bouncing back from trolls. Recently she came under fire for her make-up routine, after revealing she used a particular shade of foundation, and now she's clapping back at those commenting on her weight. The Love Island star has shared that she's gained a stone and a half, has stopped being so fixated on her diet and feels all the more happier for it. Here, here Molly-Mae! We stan positive choices.

Discussing the criticism she received after snaps of her in a white bikini were posted online, Molly-Mae said, “I was reading through comments on a bikini photo of me and they were so mean. Someone commented that they have a better body and they have six kids. I got so upset."

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Talking to OK! magazine, the influencer then explained that her changing body shape is actually the result of her making healthier decisions when it comes to food, because she previously adopted a very strict and restrictive diet. “I was a stone and a half lighter a year ago but that’s because I was at the gym twice a day, and was obsessed with my diet. I was extremely underweight for my height. I was a size four. I might not be as confident in my body as I was before, but I am healthier.”

On the topic of trolls, Molly-Mae said she still has her moments of getting down over online jibes, but that boyfriend Tommy Fury is a great support. “I’m strong so I can take the nasty comments. I’m glad it’s happening to me over other people," she said. "If I get upset, then Tommy says, ‘If I think you look amazing then why do you care about them?’”

We think Molly-Mae looks incredible, whatever size she is. ❤

If you're worried that you (or a friend) are struggling with disordered eating, including following a calorie restricted diet, visit Beat, the UK's leading eating disorder charity, for support and information.

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