Mom’s clever ‘snackle box’ is the perfect solution for hungry toddlers on the go: ‘This thing changed my life’

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This mom went viral on TikTok for transforming an average fishing tackle box into a snack time game changer.

TikTok parent Ayla Jalyn (@aylajalyn) shared one of her favorite DIY life hacks “for moms who have kids who want SNACKS all the time!”

The highly relatable clip has garnered over 800,000 views, leaving both parents and non-parents alike marveling at the art of snack optimization.

In the video, the funny and fun-loving mom takes to the camera to show how she uses an average tackle box to store her adorable snack-obsessed 5-year-old’s favorite munchies.

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“I call it a Snackle Box,” Jalyn declares as the video cuts to a shot of a plastic box decorated with the words “Roman’s Snackle Box” in thick silver and black gel paint. “This is just a basic tackle box from Walmart,” she explains, opening the box displaying its various compartments. “I think I paid $6.99 for this, and what you’re gonna want to do is fill it like so.”

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“And BUHBAM,” says Jalyn as the clip cuts to an after shot of Roman’s Snackle Box filled with a colorful assortment of goodies. “And now you have snacks on the go,” Jalyn says before noting that you can also change the spacing in the box, “for bigger snacks or smaller snacks, or even just buy a bigger tackle box! The possibilities!”

Even though this hack was developed for children, the comments clearly show that people are never too old for snack time. “That would take me two minutes to eat,” said one TikTok user.

And, while the consumption rate of the Snackle Box is debatable, people’s affinity for snacks and snack hacks is not. “You…are…changing the world lol,” wrote one user, finishing off with a “Love this!!”

Luckily millennials have grown up snacking well into adulthood. Hence, the Internet offers an abundance of snack hacks and other tips for parents who want to maintain their sanity in addition to their children’s diet.

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