Mom shares her Unica Hija’s quarantine birthday party

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Get to know how this mom celebrates his daughter’s birthday party while in quarantine.

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  • Mom shares her Unica Hija’s quarantine birthday party

  • Mom and her husband brainstorming for their Unica Hija’s quarantine birthday party

The unexpected

My eldest son’s 1st birthday was held in Jollibee Greenmeadows in Sept of 2016. But for my Unica Hija unexpected things happen last 2020. But in God’s grace, we are safe and healthy.

So went to Pampanga in February 2020 last year to have a short vacation. We stayed at my husband’s family house. Lots of unexpected things happen because of the pandemic.

We stayed in the province during the whole ECQ. The things we bring are just good for 2 weeks. So the mommy in me panic, the diaper I bring is not enough, the clothes and the food, etc.

Just so blessed my daughter is breastfed so I don’t have any issues with her milk supply, she will not be starving. I just order online the things we need thanks to online shopping (Lazada, Shopee) its very helpful.

My daughter is just 7 months old at that time and my eldest son is 5yrs old. Days, weeks, months had passed. For the first month, we are still adjusting because we are not used to living in the province and the house it’s too big for us 4 and it’s hard to maintain it clean.

No one lives in the house just my husband’s Lola who takes care of it also, she is already 82 but her energy doesn’t show her age. We also celebrated our Unica Hija’s monthly milestones in the province.

Our brainstorming for our Unica Hija’s quarantine birthday party

quarantine birthday party
quarantine birthday party

Image from the author

My husband and I always brainstorm what will be the monthly theme since we are in the province and our resources are just limited but we have lots of greens (trees, fruits, fresh environment). So then 8-11 months we succeeded in decorating and having pictorial in the backyard.

July 2 is her birthday. Two months before her 1st birthday I’m already thinking about what would be her theme. My 1st priority is to think of the theme and check if the decor is available to buy online so we can start to do the DIY’s.

I’m also wais mommy I look for party decors that are cheap but unique, luckily I found a shop that sells the party favors I need and the macaron balloons that are very important. I also search Pinterest DIY ideas for a Unicorn party theme.

And yes I chose unicorn to be her 1st birthday party theme because I like the rainbow colors and I think it’s the cute theme for a first birthday. I just order her 2 costumes online, thank God I found a unique costume and the price is very affordable.

It’s a pink tutu dress, the top is a pink glittered sequence backless and the bottom is a unicorn-colored tutu. The other costume I bought is a baby white unicorn onesie.

I also ordered a family terno unicorn white t-shirt so it’s nice to see when we had our family picture. For the foods that we prepare for her birthday, we choose the food that is easy to cook and prepare.

The quarantine birthday party food

quarantine birthday party
quarantine birthday party

Image from the author

Naomi’s Ninang also volunteers to help me cook some of the foods I’m so lucky to have. They cook delicious sisig and they baked spaghetti and yema cake for her and my husband also make his own version of chocalate wafer stick cake for her unica hija.

My Ate (cousin of my husband), also sent a party size marble cake for her. I just order also baked sushi party tray and frozen dumplings that I just steam (pork siomai, and gyoza). And of course hotdog with mallows for children and kids at heart.

The only people who are invited to her birthday party are her cousins, Ninangs and Lola, and Lolo who just live beside the house. I think we are just 10 people. It’s like a secret birthday party because as you know if you leave in the province all the people in the baryo will come to your house

I’m praying that there will be no gossips about it why we don’t send invites, I’m just really afraid to get a virus and we need to follow safety health protocols.

Most of our relatives and friends are living in Manila so they cant join us too. My husband and I were so happy because they like the simple decor we made for her.

The quarantine birthday party

quarantine birthday party
quarantine birthday party

Image from the author

By the way, we pump the balloons and decorate the dining table the night before her birthday when our 2 kids are already sleeping, we started around 10 pm and finish at 5 am.

Thank God he blessed us with strong motivation and ofcourse teamwork for us to have a successful birthday party for our unica hija. She’s not aware of it by now because she’s still a baby but when she grows up I’m sure this will be her favorite and unforgettable party of her life.

We have lots of pictures during our unica hijas 1st birthday because my husband loves to take photos every picture theres a story. These are the memories that will last a lifetime. The greatest legacy we can leave our children is happy memories.

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Hi I’m Mary Margaret Yeban 30, a wife and a mom of two kids. My eldest is a 5yrs old boy and my youngest is a baby girl 21months old. I’m an I.T by profession and a digital creator. I’m also one of the Johnsons Baby Mombassador for this year and just had our first TVC with my eldest son.

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