More Energy Saving Lights Seen

GE Lighting has vowed to provide the Philippine market with more LED lights that ensure lighting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Ditas Alipao, GE Lighting's Country Product Manager, made this commitment as the global giant in technology, finance and services, celebrates its 50 years of LED lighting inventions by Nick Holonyak.

''We will continue to introduce new products in the market that are more efficient, have longer life with less replacements, and more energy savings compared to typical incandescent lamps and quality one can expect from GE,'' said Alipao.

GE Lighting remains one of the country's most important players in the industry with a history of more than 65 years that dates back from the first electric streetlights along Real Street in Manila in the 1940s and with a long heritage that began as early as April 1890 with GE's predecessor, Thomas-Houston Electric Company. From then on, GE steadily increased its commitment to providing the market with LED lights that ensure lighting efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

It boasts a wide array of products for office, retail, hospitality as well household consumption with LED lamps such as Snowcone A19 bulb, T8 linear LED, PAR and Deco LED lamps.

GE also has significant involvement in roadway lighting that includes the recent lighting of Kennon Road in Baguio City. Another major project was the lighting of Burnham Park in the same city.

The company has also committed to put up more street lights in several key locations in the city, including Commonwealth Avenue, to showcase the use of the GE R150 LED streetlight.