More explosions hit Gaza, clashes in the West Bank

Hamas launched rockets at Tel Aviv and toward Jerusalem early on Thursday (May 13) and Israel vowed to keep pummeling the Islamist faction in Gaza despite a prediction by U.S. President Joe Biden that their fiercest hostilities in years might end soon.

At least 67 people have been killed in Gaza since violence escalated on Monday, according to the enclave's health ministry. Seven people have been killed in Israel, medical officials said.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said on Wednesday a Gaza City brigade commander and 15 other members of the Islamist militant group were killed in air strikes.

Israel launched its military action after Hamas fired rockets in retaliation for Israeli police clashes with Palestinians in East Jerusalem, including at a holy site during the fasting month of Ramadan. A Palestinian source said truce efforts by Egypt, Qatar and the United Nations had made no progress to end the violence.

"We are fed up, go away..leave us," Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas said on Wednesday during a televised speech, referring to Israel and the U.S. "We will stay like a thorn in your eyes, we will never leave our country."