Netizens criticize Binay's relief bags

Netizens once again are lambasting Vice President Jejomar Binay when a photo of relief goods stored inside blue bags with his name circulated online.

The said bags are meant to be distributed to victims of the 7.2 magnitude earthquake in Bohol. The photo was shared in Facebook pages such as Anti-Epal and Expose Graft and Corruption in Government.

[caption id="attachment_31639" align="aligncenter" width="960"] A pile of relief goods stored in blue bags with VP Binay's name is now the subject of hate and ridicule online as netizens share their thoughts on what they see as another of Binay's early campaign moves. (Photo from Anti-epal Facebook page)[/caption]

VP Jejomar Binay, Manila Bulletin

"Pati relief goods for Bohol may pangalan o. Not good. You've reached a new low, Mr Vice President," the admin of Anti-Epal wrote.

On the other hand, Expose Graft wrote, "Our money, Binay's glory! Kapal [Thick-face]!"

Netizens are wondering if Binay used his own money for those packed goods. They also see it as a form of early campaign for presidency.

A certain Raffy Gutierrez on Facebook wrote: "They could have printed it saying "from the government of the Philippines" no name of the politician. They should abolish all politician names on government projects!!!"

Beatrice Lozada also posted this comment: "Haha! This how the SECOND HIGHEST ranking official acts in times of calamity? His first thoughts are still on how to campaign for the 2016 election! Despicable!"

As of writing, the photo has been "liked" online nearly 900 times and had 3,000 shares.

Earlier, Binay said his team went to Bohol to distribute 8, 000 bags of relief goods for the victims of the said province.