These are the most popular names for babies born in May

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Photo credit: Anastasiia Krivenok - Getty Images
Photo credit: Anastasiia Krivenok - Getty Images

I don't know about you, but it's always in May that I take a look at my calendar and think, 'how the hell is it already May?!' considering New Year's Eve feels about five minutes go. Anyway, if you're giving birth to a baby this month I can imagine you'll really be wondering where all the time has gone; how we've stormed through the first four months of the year already and how it's almost time to become a parent.

The nearer you get to welcoming your new arrival, the less chance you have to decide on a baby name, so we're here to give a helping hand for your spring newborn. For anyone still undecided on what to call their May baby, it's always useful to take a look at what's typically popular this time of year. So why not take a look at the top names for baby boys and baby girls born in May recently, sourced from the Office for National Statistics (ONS)' latest data.

Or if you're the kind of person who wants to theme their baby's name to something May-related, considering that'll be your baby's birth month, then take a look at some May-inspired baby name suggestions down below.

Top May baby names for boys:

  1. Oliver

  2. George

  3. Arthur

  4. Noah

  5. Harry

  6. Oscar

  7. Muhammad

  8. Jacob

  9. Leo

  10. Jack

Top May baby names for girls:

  1. Olivia

  2. Amelia

  3. Ava

  4. Isla

  5. Lily

  6. Emily

  7. Sophia

  8. Freya

  9. Isabella

  10. Grace/Mia (equal)

Photo credit: SeventyFour - Getty Images
Photo credit: SeventyFour - Getty Images

May-themed baby names:

  • May (obviously)

  • Mae (an alternative spelling of the month)

  • Maya (another version of May)

  • Mason (a male variation)

  • Emerald (May's birth stone)

  • Lily (inspired by one of May's birth flowers, Lily of the valley)

  • Fleur (French for 'flower', after the saying "April showers bring May flowers")

  • Quinn (because May is the fifth month of the yearh, after the Latin for 'fifth')

  • Anakin (because Star Wars Day is May 4... just go with it)

  • Leia (same)

  • Gem (from May's star sign, Gemini)

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