Mother’s Cookies Just Released a Reindeer Shape That’s Ready for Christmas

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Photo credit: Instagram @tamisclock
Photo credit: Instagram @tamisclock

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Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies is really going all out with its new varieties! We’ve been snacking on the orange and white Halloween version all season, and we’re looking forward to the Sparkling Mythical Creature Cookies that are set to hit shelves next year. But there’s another batch that’s in between those two, so check the snack aisle for the new Christmas-inspired Reindeer Games variety!

The typical Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies consist of sugar cookies that are covered in pink and white frosting and topped with sprinkles. The holiday-ready version is made up of vanilla-flavored shortbread cookies that are covered in green and white icing and green, white, and red sprinkles. As you’d expect based on the name, the cookies are in the shape of reindeer to complete the festive snack.

“What we learned with the Mother’s consumers of Circus Animals is kids are playing with the crackers themselves, with the animal shapes … so we’re using that as our jumping off point for inspiration,” Natalie Hagstrom, general manager of the cookies, crusts, and cones portfolio at Ferrara Candy Co., said in a press release.

In September 2020, Ferrara announced that the Mother’s Circus Animal Cookies Reindeer Games would be coming out for the holidays. Thanks to Instagram account @tamisclock, we know that they’ve begun rolling out on shelves. They’re available in stores, including Walmart, Dollar General, and Buehler’s.

The resealable 11-ounce bags are a limited batch, as indicated on the packaging, meaning that they are limited-edition and are only expected to be around for Christmastime. Is anyone else already feeling like they’re in the holiday spirit?!

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