Mother reports own son to police over planned school massacre in US

Nicole reported her son to police after finding detail of how he would bomb and shoot students and teachers at College Place High School. Source: CBS News

The mother of a would-be school shooter has been praised for her courage after she turned her own son into police.

The woman, known only as Nicole, said she discovered details of a planned attack in one of his journals.

She said her 17-year-old son wrote about detonating pipe bombs and using multiple guns to “blast anyone in sight” and “execute survivors” at College Place High School in the US state of Washington.

CBS News reports the teenager described an attack would take place on the anniversary of the 1999 Columbine High School massacre, which saw 12 students and one teacher murdered.

Police said they did not find any guns or explosives, but they did find books on “how to develop things” in his room. They said the journal contained graphic details that were too disturbing to share.

It also contained threats against the mother and her partner, according to local reports.

Nicole said she called police despite her son saying it was “just a story” and part of a creative writing exercise.

She said her son had been battling with depression for a lengthy period.

“I'm worried about his mental health and he needs help. Truth hurts sometimes,” she said.

“It takes a lot to do what I did. It wasn't easy.”

Police have since expressed gratitude for the mother’s actions.

“She's very courageous. It's clearly very emotional for her. She loves her son,” College Place police chief Troy Tomaras said.

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