Motorbanca capsizes off Naga; 24 rescued

TWENTY four passengers, including the captain of motorbanca "Poseidon 2," were rescued after it capsized off the waters of the City of Naga, Cebu, around 1:30 p.m., Wednesday, January 1.

The Philippine Coast Guard (PCG) said the motorbanca, which departed from Barangay Tuyan, City of Naga enroute to Cebu City, capsized after it encountered strong winds and big waves.

A team from PCG Naga Substation immediately went after the motorbanca to conduct a rescue operation.

Authorities identified the captain of the motorbanca as Jhonnie Montero.

Here are the names of the rescued passengers:

1. Mark Recto, 13 years old

2. Marivic Recto, 15 years old

3. Catherine Montero, 15 years old

4. Janelle Montero, 13 years old

5. Sheinalie Dihayco, 16 years old

6. Ryan Villanueva, 15 years old

7. Genzalo Villarmea, 31 years old

8. Diana Mae Pagubo, 30 years old

9. Nathalie Villarmea, 10 years old

10. Michille Dihayco, 15 years old

11. Joseph Recto, 42 years old

12. Maries Villarmea, 34 years old

13. Mark Joseph Recto, 2 years old

14. Jhonnie Montero, 33 years old (Captain)

15. Maricel Montero, 33 years old

16. Samantha Montero, 7 years old

17. Jon Gabrielle Montero, 6 years old

18. Bryle Biais, 14 years old

19. Remark Biais, 16 years old

20. Joel Montero, 28 years old

21. Lance Montero, 30 years old

22. Ismael Villarmea, 21 years old

23. Noli Villarmea, 26 years old

24. Neil Villarmea, 24 years old

All passengers are said to be residents of Barangay Tuyan, City of Naga. (AYB/BBT/NDT)