Motorcycle rider wiped out by huge wave from puddle during typhoon In-fa in the Philippines

A motorcyle rider crashed after being knocked over by the huge splash from a road puddle during typhoon In-fa in the Philippines. Footage shows the two-wheeler slamming onto the flooded ground after he failed to slow down and slipped during rain in Marikina City on July 21. Motorist Jordan Dioquino slammed the brakes to avoid hitting the crashed rider as he was driving behind the man when the incident happened. He said: 'I was relieved that I stopped the car on time. I always made sure to keep a safe trailing distance. The rider appeared fine and continued riding after checking on his vehicle.' Typhoon In-fa, locally named Fabian, slowly headed to the East China Sea but continued to intensify with the monsoon maintaining heavy downpours across Luzon island. Dozens of people have since been killed in China where the typhoon caused floods.

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