Motorist drives through wet cement during heavy traffic, angers netizens

Some motorists just don’t have the patience to go through Manila’s traffic anymore.

Facebook user Edjun Magdayao Ramas shared a photo on Friday of a pickup truck that drove through wet cement just to get through traffic. While this may have made his trip a few minutes shorter, the driver’s move has also caused a stir with a number of annoyed netizens.

“This is a true Filipino. I salute you,” Ramas sarcastically wrote in Filipino about the driver of a black Mitsubishi Strada.

Ramas posted the photo of the pickup truck on Facebook. Screenshot via the Facebook account of Edjun Magdayao Ramas.

“The driver knew it was wet cement, but insisted to go through it just to get ahead of traffic. You have no discipline, you just wasted the effort, time, and money of the government for your selfish ways,” he wrote.

“This driver’s [way of driving] is embarrassing.”

The post has gotten 7,200 likes and 8,000 shares as of posting. Netizens have expressed their annoyance with the driver, echoing Ramas’ sentiments.

La San Sim wrote in Filipino: “This is too much. No discipline.”

Daina Falcatan shared that she has also experienced something similar to this. “It’s just so annoying with these people who don’t care,” Falcatan wrote.

Rishabella Brazil urged Ramas to report the incident and not simply post a photo: “Please take actions for this. He needs to get what he deserves.”

“Make him fix what he broke, so he’d be more conscious of what he’s doing. That’s going to cost money,” Gian Carlo Ta-a shared. “And let his license be revoked.”

Christine Gile added that all the time and effort that the construction workers did there went to waste. “How did that driver pass the professional driver test???? That driver is so stupid, hope karma gets him.”

The lesson to be learned here? Bad traffic is not enough to excuse bad behavior.

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