Mouthwatering fried walleye sandwich recipe

Thanks for watching Its Only Food w/Chef John Politte. In this video we are showing you how to make a fried walleye sandwich. Below is the recipe. Thanks for watching! Ingredients: • 1 walleye filet (6-8 ounces peeled and deboned) • 2 cups AP flour • 2 cups milk • 2 cups panko breadcrumbs • 2 hamburger buns • 2 Tablespoons tartar sauce • 1 cup shredded lettuce • 4 sliced tomatoes • Oil for frying Method: In 3 separate dishes place the flour, milk, and breadcrumbs for dredging. Dip the walleye in the flour and cover, then dip in the milk, and then the panko breadcrumbs and cover completely so the breadcrumbs adhere to the walleye. On a heated flat top grill or heated frying pan, add oil and place the fish in the oil to start frying. After about 2-3 minutes, flip the fish when it has a nice golden brown color crust. Repeat the process on the other side until the inside of the fish is opaque and completely cooked through. Toast the buns on the grill, add the tartar sauce on both buns with the lettuce and the tomatoes. Enjoy!

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