Mozilla and Epic join forces for powerful browser gaming

The companies behind the Firefox web browser and the "Infinity Blade," "Gears of War" and "Unreal Tournament" series are looking to supercharge online gaming with a version of the Unreal Engine 3 for web browsers.

Software foundation Mozilla is working with Epic Games to create a version of the Unreal Engine 3 for the web, citing a successful conversion of its fast-moving first person shooter "BananaBread", a "Quake" or "Unreal Tournament"-style of game.

Mozilla's Firefox team had previously played up its support for gaming via the HTML5 standard by way of "BrowserQuest" and the Game On contest, while Microsoft's Internet Explorer did the same with a special web version of mobile hit "Cut The Rope," and Google has been busily furnishing its Chrome browser store with a plethora of titles, from "Angry Birds" to "Bastion" and "WGT Golf Challenge."

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