Mum organises graduation ceremony for daughter after schools closed in the Philippines due to coronavirus

A mother in the Philippines organised a graduation ceremony at home for her daughter after her school was closed because of the coronavirus. Hazel Jean Magallanes from Silay City in Negros Occidental province planned the party for her daughter Edriana, 16, who recently finished her last year in secondary school, or high school. The proud mum said: "I did it with the help of my other daughter, so that Edriana can feel like she's really graduating after all her hard work. ''We're so proud of her and wanted her to have a special day to mark her achievement.'' Hazel even made a personalised diploma for her daughter and made her take it after her name was announced, just like in a real graduation ceremony. Graduations and other school activities in the Philippines have been postponed in regions where lock downs and travel restrictions are in place to stop the spread of coronavirus. The Philippines has recorded 3,660 cases of Covid-19 and 163 deaths because of the pandemic.