Muntinlupa police reunite woman with family after 15 years of being apart

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(Source: Philippine National Police/Facebook)
(Source: Philippine National Police/Facebook)

The Muntinlupa City Police helped reunite a woman with her family in Pangasinan province after 15 years of being apart.

Divina “Nanay Dina” Estrada, who hails from Lingayen in the province of Pangasinan, travelled to Muntinlupa in 2006 to visit her partner at the New Bilibid Prison. Since then, she wasn’t able to go back to her hometown.

After the death of her partner, Nanay Dina survived by begging from motorists and passersby.

In August, Nanay Dina asked her neighbors in Barangay Poblacion to find her daughter, Mejica Estrada on Facebook. When they found her, Mejica said she would travel to Muntinlupa to fetch her mother. Unfortunately, due to the pandemic’s quarantine restrictions, Mejica’s trip was postponed.

Instead, Mejica sought the assistance of the local government and police authorities in order to locate her mother in Muntinlupa. The Southern Police District was approached by Lingayen Mayor Leopoldo Bataoil in order to find Nanay Dina.

Police officers from Muntinlupa were able to locate Nanay Dina and return her to her daughter in Lingayen.

The cops also gave Nanay Dina money since she still needs to be quarantined before she can be reunited with her family.

Chief Police General Guillermo Eleazar of the Philippine National Police (PNP) praised the officers for their role in reuniting Nanay Dina with her family.

Nakakataba ng puso na nakatulong ang ating kapulisan para makauwi muli itong si Nanay Dina sa kanyang pamilya, lalo na sa panahon na mahirap ang buhay at tila ba walang katiyakan dahil sa banta ng pandemya,” Eleazar said.

(Translation: It is heartening that our police helped Nanay Dina return to her family, especially at a time when life is difficult and it seems uncertain due to the threat of the pandemic.)

Sana ay tularan ng ibang kapulisan ang ginawang ito ng kanilang mga kabaro,” he added.

(Translation: Hopefully other police officers will emulate what their peers did.)

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