Murder charges filed vs. Busay chief tanod, brother

THE National Bureau of Investigation in Central Visayas (NBI 7) has filed murder charges against the chief tanod of Barangay Busay, Cebu City and his brother for shooting to death a teenager.

The shooting reportedly happened after a fight among youth during a barangay fiesta in Busay on Aug. 14, 2022. The victim was identified as Ken Vega, who had attended the fiesta.

Murder charges were filed against the chief tanod, Ronilo Rebonza Hermoso, and his brother, Jovelito Hermoso Jr.

Before the incident happened, the NBI 7 said Vega’s friend, Stephen Colipano, had a fistfight with Sammy Capol and Niño Olivero during the celebration.

Vega interfered and tried to cool everyone’s heads.

Another person, identified as Zyrel Hermoso, arrived and had a fistfight with Vega. Zyrel is the son of Ronilo.

Ronilo and Jovelito then checked the area, supposedly to pacify the men involved. But Ronilo allegedly grabbed his caliber .45 pistol and shot Vega.

Vega sustained a gunshot wound in the neck.

He was able to run, but the Hermoso siblings ran after him and shot him again.

Another tanod, Nelson Tabiano, was injured after he was hit in the arm.

Vega was rushed to a hospital but he was declared dead due to the gunshot wounds he had sustained. (ANV / LMY)