Mutant piglet with two heads and three eyes nicknamed 'Co-pig' after being born during lockdown in the Philippines

A mutant two-headed piglet with three eyes was nicknamed 'Co-pig' after being born during lockdown on a farm in the Philippines.

The animal stunned locals in the village in Iloilo province when it emerged squealing into the world on May 17.

The baffled farmer took the newborn to be given special care because it was nothing like he had seen before.

His daughter, Cathy, said that her father thought that the baby pig was a sign of good luck and named it "Co-pig" as it was born during the COVID-19 pandemic.

She said: "My father believed that the piglet would bring good luck to our home during this pandemic, so he was excited to bring it home."

Neighbours have also flocked at the farmer's residence to get a glimpse of the strange creature.

But Cathy said that the piglet appeared weak because of its deformities. Four days after it was born, the rare piglet died this morning (May 21).

She added: "We did everything we could to keep it healthy, but it does not seem to get stronger as days pass by."

Polycephaly is a rare deformity in animals with two heads. Animals who have this condition usually do not live long.

A mutant piglet born with two heads survived for more than a week after it was born in Nong Bua Lamphu, northeastern Thailand, last August.