MV Agusta reveals track-ready Brutale 1000 Nürburgring

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MV Agusta released a limited-edition version of the Brutale 1000 named Nürburgring designed to explore how much weight can be saved from a street-legal superbike. The end result is a motorcycle that weighs as much as a V8 and offers more horsepower than a Mazda Miata.

Presented as the most extreme Brutale ever designed, the Nürburgring benefits from the extensive use of carbon fiber and a number of improvements that have trickled down from the racing world. BST notably helped MV Agusta develop carbon fiber wheels mounted on a billet hub to reduce unsprung weight, which in turn improves acceleration, braking, and handling. Aerodynamic upgrades increase the load placed on the front axle at high speeds, and subtle design tweaks (like a silver, gray, and red livery) further set the Nürburgring apart.

Power comes from a 1.0-liter four-cylinder engine that develops 215 horsepower at 13,200 rpm and 85 pound-feet of torque at 11,000 rpm. Dry weight checks in at 390 pounds, so the power-to-weight ratio is mind-boggling. MV Agusta says the bike's top speed is over 186 mph. For context, the 6.2-liter LS3 V8 that powered the Chevrolet SS weighs 403 pounds. And, 215 is more horsepower than the last-generation Subaru BRZ put under the driver's right foot. Luckily, there's a launch control function — if you're brave enough to use it, of course.

The four cylinders exhale through a full titanium exhaust system designed jointly with Arrow, which supplies several racing teams. The system features a four-in-two manifold design (instead of four-in-one) that increases the engine's torque while reducing weight.

Pricing for the Brutale 1000 Nürburgring starts at €39,900, which represents approximately $46,200 at the current conversion rate, and production is strictly limited to 150 units globally. While this motorcycle lands squarely in luxury sedan territory (Audi charges $39,900 for a 2022 A4), the technology packed into it is is comparable to what you'd find in a high-end hypercar with a six-digit price tag. Alternatively, MV Agusta recently announced a more affordable and more accessible version of the standard Brutale named RS for the 2022 model year.

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