MWell app invites more health care professionals, service providers

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FOLLOWING its successful launch on Friday, July 23, 2021, Metro Pacific Health Tech Corp. (MPHTC) is inviting more health care professionals and service providers to be part of mWell’s growing ecosystem.

“We started building an ecosystem that would allow easy access to integrated digital health care. We, therefore, invite doctors and health care practitioners to digitize their practice and partner with us and be part of mWell’s mission. As we expand this ecosystem, we will become closer to the goal of empowering Filipinos to be in control of their health. We will be their partner in their wellness journey,” said Jose Ma. K. Lim, Metro Pacific Investments Corp. (MPIC) president and chief executive officer.

MPHTC is a wholly-owned subsidiary of MPIC.

Doctors can set up their own mWell virtual clinic for free. There are no set-up or membership fees. Doctors will be given quick and easy training to be able to access the mWell suite of services and can immediately digitize their practice, reaching more patients nationwide.

Besides health care professionals, Lim also invited insurance service providers to join mWell so it could provide a comprehensive suite of health care services to Filipinos.

MWell is an all-one-app created to serve the health care needs of Filipinos by providing them with virtual health care consultations, wellness programs and other medical-related services. The app can be downloaded in both Apple’s App Store and Google Play Store.

“Through a collaboration of IT and health experts, mWell developed an ecosystem to bring integrated digital health care closer to every Filipino during this pandemic and even beyond. MWell will empower every Filipino to be in control and in management of their health in just one app. Together and working with the hospital group, we shall democratize health by providing access to a broad spectrum of quality and more affordable health care services,” said MPIC chairman Manny Pangilinan during the virtual launch.

Lim said it is only through technology that high-quality medical services, usually present in big metropolises, can reach the countryside. MWell, he noted, can help medical professionals bring their expertise to remote areas.

He noted that mWell’s level of integration is what sets them apart from other health care apps. Users don’t need to leave the app to get specialized service, among others. Doctors, on the other hand, are able to easily manage digital appointments, keep patients’ confidential medical records and issue e-prescriptions.

Consultation fee

Chaye Cabal-Revilla said pricing per consultation will depend on each doctor’s specialization.

“MWell is our response to Filipinos’ call for a better, more responsive, highly convenient health care platform. It is a fully integrated ecosystem that will deliver their health and wellness needs.” Revilla said.

MWell is currently in partnership with CareSpan, Philcare and Keralty Clinic. A whole gamut of doctors and health practitioners have joined the mWell roster of general practitioners and specialty doctors to enable much needed access to health professionals during this pandemic.

Doctors are able to easily manage digital appointments, keep patients’ confidential medical records and issue e-prescriptions. And with the partnership of Medicard, users can book coronavirus disease 2019 testing services.

Starting next month, mWell users can access the e-Pharmacy service that will allow them to buy South Star Drug over-the-counter and prescription medicines and have these delivered to their homes, or buy PhilCare health insurance products for dengue, accidents and emergencies.

Also in August, mWell will launch a nationwide medical mission, an unprecedented first telehealth virtual event in the Philippines, highlighting partnerships and collaborations with clinics and doctors nationwide. (KOC)

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