N. Bacalso Ave. will remain open amid civil works

THE Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH) has assured that a portion of N. Bacalso Ave. in Barangay Mambaling, Cebu City will remain accessible to motorists should the implementation of a road-widening project push through.

The P16.7-million road-widening project, which includes civil works for a drainage system, was supposed to be implemented prior to the construction of the Mambaling underpass in August 2017.

DPWH representative Nonito Paylado said a technical study conducted by their office showed that allowing motorists to continue to pass through N. Bacalso Ave. would be “feasible.” The pronouncement was made after some members of the City Council raised concerns on the project being another “reason for the traffic congestion in the area.” South District Councilor Eduardo Rama Jr. said the DPWH should have a comprehensive traffic plan to avoid the vehicular congestion experienced during the two-year construction of the underpass.

“I’ve been driving and passing in that area, there was no traffic. The traffic only occurred during the construction of the tunnel,” he said.

The members of the City Council also hoped that the widening, along with the drainage system project, will solve the flood problem in the area.

Paylado said existing lanes will still be open as the civil works will be done outside these lanes.

There is no definite date yet, though, as to when the project will start since the DPWH is still complying with requirements.

Paylado said the DPWH has rescheduled the road-widening project in October 2019, but they had to comply with the conditions set by the City Council in relation to the removal of trees along thoroughfares.

Last October, the council requested the DPWH to secure a locational clearance and development permit from the City Planning Office and present mitigating measures before they remove the trees.

Paylado said the issuance of the tree-cutting permit is still held in abeyance. (JJL)