Nadine Lustre asks for respect during tough times

13 Oct - Actress Nadine Lustre who recently lost her younger brother, Isaiah Lustre to suicide, is asking for everyone to show respect to their family and stop posting videos from Isaiah's funeral.

As reported on Inquirer, Lustre, who previously kept mum about the tragedy, posted her wish on Instagram Stories, saying, "May I request to please refrain from posting/reposting photos and videos of me from the funeral. Let's give respect. This is for everyone. Thank you."

In addition, Lustre also asked her critics to respect her and her family.

In another message, she wrote, "To everyone who's been judging me for the past few days, remember this. You will always see me UP but never DOWN. So it does not matter. Get lost please."

She also added, "To everyone who's been sharing my stories of weakness, I'm reading. Wait for me. I got you."

On 10 October, which was also Mental Health Awareness Day, Lustre reposted an image if a semicolon and the hashtag #KeepGoing, which is used by nonprofit American mental health organisation Project Semicolon -symbolising efforts to prevent suicide.

She also added another image with the words, "You are stronger than depression".

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)