Nadine Lustre: Celebrities don't have everything!

Heidi Hsia

21 May – Nadine Lustre wants you to know that life is not all roses for a celebrity, despite what the public might think.

As reported on PEP, the actress who had an interview via Facebook Live with FM radio RX 93.1, stated, "We don't have everything. People might think, 'Their life is good. They have everything.' We don't. That's what I want people to know, and understand, and remember."

Lustre, who has battled depression and anxiety, faced the death of her younger brother, and her breakup with James Reid, stated that there are a lot of things in her life that she wishes would be different or never happened.

"[People] always bring [up] that our life is so glamorous, no problem, it's so easy. It's hard," she said.

Take the death of her brother Isaiah in 2017 for example. Lustre stated that despite being in mourning, she had to look happy in front of the camera when she co-hosted "It's Showtime".

"Every day, I did Showtime, and it was so hard. I had to put a happy face, a smiling face on. But deep down, I was breaking because of what happened."

She said that everything is magnified when you are a celebrity.

"If we make mistakes, it's magnified, like, ten times. That's, like, one of the things that I had a hard time dealing with. It's hard. We make mistakes also, we're people, too," she added.

However, Lustre said that she has now learned to be "bulletproof", to ignore other people's opinions about her and to learn from her mistakes.

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)