Nadine Lustre: Stop using Filipino Resiliency as quick fix!

Heidi Hsia
·1 min read

13 Nov – Frustrated over one calamity over another befalling the country, Nadine Lustre recently took to social media to express her thoughts about the notion of "Filipino Resiliency".

On 12 November, following news of the devastation caused by the Typhoon Ulysses, she posted, "Our country has been [through] so much issues (calamity, pandemic, economy, job losses) and it upsets me so much when people pull out "Filipino Resiliency" as a quick fix."

"It's [definitely] something to be proud of, but really, how long are we gonna keep using that to hide the real problem? I feel for our brothers and sisters who are gravely affected by everything that's happening. Our country deserves so much better than this."

Lustre also stated that people who are not affected at all seeing all the heartbreaking news should definitely "check" their privilege.

The National Capital Region, Quezon Province, Calabarzon, and Central Luzon were badly affected by the massive flooding brought by the Typhoon Ulysses which started on Wednesday, 11 November.

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)