Nadine Lustre's father denies slamming Kathryn Bernardo in online post

Heidi Hsia

15 Oct – Nadine Lustre's father Ulysses Lustre has recently dismissed the notion that he was slamming Kathryn Bernardo in a previous post on social media.

As reported on Push, the issue sparked earlier, when Ulysses went on Facebook and ranted, "I'm Flop and you're High Gross, what are you afraid of. You feel so threatened, you're desperate to break US apart. I hope someday you get what you deserve. What comes around, goes around."

However, amid speculations that he was directing his anger to Bernardo, whose films "The Hows of Us" and "Hello, Love, Goodbye" were both box office hits, he wrote another message on Facebook denying that the previous post has to do with anyone in particular.

"My posts are my personal opinion, and your comments are also yours. The sad part is people always have the tendency to HATE rather than to UNDERSTAND. My posts does not pertain to anybody in particular. The world 'I' means ME as the writer, 'US' means THE TWO OF US and 'YOU' is not a particular person... The words 'FLOP' and 'HIGH GROSS' pertain to two things in opposite, which I chose to use simply because I'm pertaining to the entertainment biz," he wrote.

He also sang praises for his daughter, saying that Nadine has no need to prove anything as she has won three major awards this year.

"She has inspired people for who she is in her advocacies and ideas. She pulled us and the people that surrounded her up on our knees. What's wrong with the haters and bashers, do you hate her because there is competition? There is no competition, it's all in your heads. The Filipino artists move as one, to promote Philippine shows," he added.

(Photo Source: Nadine Lustre Instagram)