Naked 'corpse' found in Thailand turns out to be sex doll

A naked body that tourists believed was the corpse of a dead woman on a shore in Thailand turned out to be a sex doll.

Officers from the Great White Shark Marine Rescue service in the Saek Suk district were alerted to the Bang Saen beach in eastern Thailand on Thursday after tourists reported seeing the corpse of a woman from a distance.

Upon investigation, rescue workers found the “corpse” to a rubber sex doll that had did not have a head. The doll’s top half was covered with a dark-colored shirt, while its bottom half was bare.

The doll has since been removed from the beach. Bang Saen officials kept it “in case its owner wants to take it back.” The owner would reportedly need to provide evidence that the doll belonged to them.

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Plakorn Khamphrae, the municipal officer of the Saen Suk district, said Bang Saen is a “famous tourist destination known all over the world” and that the sight of the doll has made him feel “uneasy.”

The Facebook page Chorb Jang Bang Saen (I love Bang Saen) reportedly posted a photo of the doll with the caption, “Bored already and threw it away like this! Remember, you cheeky bastards, the latest piece of marine trash to wash up on this beach is a rubber sex doll. Anything can happen in Bang Saen.”

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Featured Image via สรยุทธ สุทัศนะจินดา กรรมกรข่าว

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