Nalzaro: Benefits of getting vaccinated

Bobby Nalzaro
·3 min read

I THINK little by little, more people have been convinced to submit themselves to vaccination. Maybe this is the reason we have a shortage of vaccines because more people have already been fully convinced to be vaccinated.

This is contrast to a survey last February before the launching of the program where vaccine hesitancy among Filipinos was high. Pulse Asia’s survey from February 22 to March 3, 2021, showed that 61 percent said “no” to getting vaccinated.

Only 26 percent of the respondents wanted to be vaccinated, while 23 percent were undecided. This was before the vaccination for the frontliners started in the first week of March. These figures must have changed because we noticed that as the vaccination program progresses, more people especially the senior citizens have been willing to get inoculated.

We understand that some people are concerned about getting vaccinated now that the vaccines are available. While more vaccines are being developed as quickly as possible, routine processes and procedures remain in place to ensure their safety, a top priority.

While some people are encouraged to submit themselves for vaccination, the problem is, there is a shortage of vaccines. In Cebu, Lapu-Lapu and Talisay cities, vaccination program for senior citizens have been suspended after the doses have been used up.

We are still using the Sinovac, which is donated by the Chinese government. The AstraZeneca vaccine donated by United Kingdom (UK) through the World Health Organization (WHO) has been suspended by the Department of Health (DOH) and Food and Drugs Administration (FDA) because of blood clot issues. Concerned of the health protection of the Cebuanos against Covid-19, Mayor Edgardo Labella called on the National Government, through vaccine czar Carlito Galvez, to allow the City to buy its own vaccines.

Here are the benefits if we submit ourselves to vaccination, according to the US Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC).

All Covid-19 vaccines now are safe and effective in preventing Covid-19. All vaccines that are in development are being carefully evaluated in clinical trials and have been authorized or approved only if they make it substantially less likely you will get Covid-19.

Getting vaccinated may protect people around you, particularly people at high risk for several illness from Covid-19. Experts continue to conduct studies to learn more about how Covid-19 vaccination may reduce spread of the virus that causes Covid-19.

After you are fully vaccinated you may be able to start doing some things that you stopped doing because of the pandemic. For example: you can gather indoors without masks with people who are fully vaccinated. We are still learning how vaccines will affect the spread of Covid-19. Until we know more about how vaccines affect the spread of Covid-19, people who are fully vaccinated should keep taking precautions in public places, like wearing face mask, staying six feet apart from others, avoiding crowds and poorly ventilated spaces and washing your hands often.

People are not considered fully vaccinated until after the second dose. You should keep using the tools available to protect yourself and others until you are fully vaccinated.

While it is true that there were reported serious side effects and deaths after being vaccinated, but there is no confirmation yet that those deaths were due to the vaccine, it is better to have a protection than nothing at all. So, magpabakuna na ta.