Nalzaro: Motorcycle dealers say Caindec demands ‘SOP’

Bobby Nalzaro
·2 min read

THIS is a continuation of my column last Monday, Feb.15, entitled” “Unmask this corrupt LTO official.”

During last Monday’s inquiry of the Senate Blue Ribbon Committee on Republic Act 11235, also known as the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act, the name of Land Transportation Office (LTO 7) Regional Director Victor Caindec surfaced as the LTO official being linked to corruption in the “super delay” in the release of registration papers, plate numbers and other pertinent documents to motorcycle customers.

The name of Caindec cropped up when Sen. Imee Marcos, a committee member, asked LTO chief, Asst. Secretary Edgar Galvante whether or not the agency had taken action on the corruption complaints involving Caindec as it was Presidential Spokesperson Harry Roque who disclosed it in September last year that Caindec was under investigation for corruption. Reports said Roque has affidavits to prove that the regional director extorted money from motorcycle distributors. If dealers would not succumb to his demand, Caindec intentionally withheld registration papers and plate numbers from motorcycle buyers.

Galvante said the LTO conducted an initial investigation and is now in the process of establishing the truthfulness of the allegations. Susmaryosep! After several months, they are still in the initial stage of the investigation.

During the inquiry, the motorcycle dealers were not given enough time by Committee chairman Sen. Richard Gordon to air their side against Caindec’s alleged corrupt activities and about their plight. Gordon seemed to be favoring Caindec because they are “kumpares.” Gordon was one of the sponsors at the wedding of Caindec’s son to the daughter of the mayor of Panglao, Bohol last year. Caindec has been bragging that he has strong connections in high heavens.

But here’s the official statement of the motorcycle dealers about the corruption at the LTO 7. This statement has no signatories, but it carries the motorcycle dealers’ logos—DES Marketing, DES Du Ek Sam Inc., DES Strong Motor, Desmark and Premio Motor:

“Last Feb. 5, 2021, a Senate Blue Ribbon Committee meeting was held to discuss the implementation of Republic Act 11235 or the Motorcycle Crime Prevention Act. Along the way, the discussion led to allegations of unethical practices from our corporation. We categorically deny the allegations made.

“The motorcycle industry is highly competitive with over a hundred dealerships nationwide. We would have lost the loyalty of our customers if we withheld registrations, plate numbers and insurance. The mentioned interest rates are also far from truth, we pride ourselves to be the most affordable in the market.

“We believe these allegations stem from the false claims of the Regional Director of LTO Region 7, Victor Caindec, who has not stopped harassing our corporations and continues to make aforementioned claims. Our dealing with RD Caindec greatly deteriorated upon our outright refusal to pay his ask of P500 per unit ‘SOP’ or under the table.

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