Nalzaro: Lifestyle check on Caindec

Bobby Nalzaro

SOMETIME last December, a man who introduced himself as “Sonny Caindec, the father” of Land Transportation Office (LTO) 7 Director Victor Emmanuel Caindec visited the GMA 7 broadcast complex and “spilled the beans” about the questionable properties acquired by the regional director. I had received a text message from “Sonny Caindec” saying he wanted to see me to “reveal” something about Caindec. Indeed, he came but I was not able to entertain him because I was presiding over a department heads’ meeting at that time.

It was DYSS Imbestigador program host, Aljin Abaquita, who entertained the man. And you know what he revealed? He wanted the Ombudsman to conduct a lifestyle check on the regional director as he was surprised how Caindec amassed wealth in just two years after being appointed regional director of LTO 7. He alleged that Caindec now possesses brand new sports utility vehicles (SVU). The vehicles are now parked at Caindec’s compound in Basak San Nicolas near the tunnel.

Wow! If this is true, I am also surprised how Caindec amassed this wealth. He has no other legitimate business. In fact, before he was appointed regional director through his connection with former House Speaker Pantaleon “Bebot” Alvarez and Presidential Assistant for the Visayas Michael Dino, he was working as chairman of Cebu City Traffic and Transportation Office. But he resigned. He is not into business.

The father was not sure if the vehicles’ registration papers are under the name of Caindec. That is why he wanted the Ombudsman to conduct a lifestyle check on him. When Abaquita asked what triggered him to “expose” Caindec, the father claimed that he could longer stomach what the regional director is doing in his position. Asked if he has a conflict with his son, the father admitted that they are not in good terms as they have a conflict a long time ago. He gave a little background about their conflict, saying Caindec did not grow up with them. The regional director grew up with his grandparents in his (father) side. He did not elaborate, but he said he did not abandon Caindec since childhood.

The father added that some of Caindec’s relatives are acting as insurance agents at various LTO offices, relying on their connections and influence with the regional director. I don’t know how “deep is their conflict.” But sometimes we hear news of fathers and sons on each other’s neck. But in the case of Caindec and his father, if they still have respect for each other, the latter is putting his son in a very embarrassing situation by accusing him of wrongdoing. Well, that is not our business of knowing more about their conflict. But let me be clear on this. I am not swallowing hook, line and sinker what Caindec’s father revealed. He promised to produce photos and other details of the vehicles to prove his allegations, but he did not return. That is why I am also calling the attention of the anti-graft office if it can conduct a lifestyle check on Caindec. Who knows, the revelation of his father could be true.

Meantime, Barili Vice Mayor Julie Flores was able to follow and take a photo of a very dilapidated government vehicle. The vice mayor even posted the photo on his Facebook account. How can this kind of vehicle, which is considered as a running coffin, still allowed to ply and roam the streets. This kind of vehicle poses danger to motorists and the public in general. It might conk up in the middle of the street and cause traffic or lose its brakes and may result to loss of lives and limbs.

The LTO and Land Transportation Franchising and Regulatory Board (LTFTB) are very strict on private cars and public utility vehicles. Before these vehicles can be registered, they require private car owners to present emission test results and MVIS clearance. But how can these agencies not impose the same policy on government-owned vehicles? Government vehicles should serve as role models. Where is fairness here? Nagpabaya na pud ni sila sa ilang obligasyon.