Nalzaro: Right love, wrong time and place

Bobby Nalzaro

BLAISE Pascal, a French physicist, mathematician and writer (1623-1662), once said: ‘The heart itself has its own reason that reason itself cannot understand.” He acknowledged the power of our deep personality in relation to our choices. Sometimes, we become blind to reasonable arguments. It will take more than this to fully persuade us that this is the truth deep inside.

“We have the right love at the wrong time. Guess I always knew inside. I wouldn’t have you for a long time,” the first few stanzas of the song “Somewhere down the road,” performed by Barry Manilow.

“My only fault was that I fell in love,” thus explained former Argao Chief of Police Maj. Ildefonso Miranda Jr. after his arrest by his colleagues following a complaint that he gave special treatment to a young female detainee who is facing drug charges. He allowed the detainee, Jean Claudia de Guzman Villanueva, to sleep inside his office at the headquarters. There were photos that showed they were together in bed. And what were they doing? Just praying the rosary? It’s public knowledge in the headquarters that they had a sexual relationship.

There were also reports that Miranda took the girl out of jail on several occasions and they were even seen here in the city. Yes, I agree with Miranda that his only fault was that he fell in love with the lovely girl. It was the right love, but at the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Their relationship has no hindrance and is not considered immoral because both of them have no liability. Miranda, 45, is still single, while the girl is a single mom. However, it is not known whether she still has a relation with the father of her child or not.

Villanueva applied for a plea bargaining agreement and her papers are being processed. Under the plea bargaining, she may not be locked up in jail and may be released soon, but she has to undergo rehabilitation. Meaning, she is not a high-risk prisoner and she has no intention or capability to escape.

Miranda will be facing a case of violation of Article 156 of the Revised Penal Code and anti-graft for bribery.

Article 156 of the RPC provides: “Delivering prisoners from jails. The penalty of arresto mayor in its maximum period to prison correccional in its minimum period shall be imposed upon any person who shall remove from any jail or penal establishment any person confined therein or shall help the escape of such person by means of violence, intimidation or bribery.”

As to the anti-graft case, was there bribery on the part of the girl for her to be given special treatment by Miranda? It was not bribery through monetary consideration, but “sexual favor.” But if the girl executes an affidavit that she was not abused, coerced, threatened and intimidated by Miranda and that she voluntarily submitted herself to the police officer because she also fell in love with him, maybe Miranda will be cleared of the charges he is facing. Ang i-rason lang ni Miranda mao tong iyang gipasulod sa iyang office ug didto gipahigda ug gitandayan aron dili gyud maka-eskapo. Pagkatoytoy!