Nalzaro: So, they want Go to be a ‘puppet’ president?

Bobby Nalzaro
·4 min read

HAD the Vice President not been Leni Robredo, who is not a partymate of the President, I think President Rodrigo Duterte had long resigned out of frustration and disappointment in our political system. Had Bongbong Marcos or Allan Peter Cayetano won the vice presidential race in the 2016 elections, I think Duterte had turned over the presidency to either one of them. In several forums, the President had expressed his disappointment at how things went under his leadership. With so many problems confronting the nation, especially this Covid-19 pandemic, he would have raised his hands and said “surrender.” He failed to curb the illegal drug trade and the massive graft and corruption despite his aggressive campaign to eliminate these social problems. Maybe, his main reason for a resignation would be health problems.

And now here comes these “sipsip” (ass-kisser) personalities who are holding “juicy” positions under Duterte’s administration who are prodding and egging him to run for vice president in next year’s elections because they want “continuity.” What “continuity” are they talking about? What can a vice president do if the President is not his/her partymate?

“Continuity” for themselves? Maybe these people think that they can continue to hang on to their present positions if Duterte wins the vice presidential position because they are enjoying now their titles (as secretaries) and perks, not to mention their power and influence. Some are even taking advantage of doing business using their positions. Aside from being “sipsip,” these people are “political parasites.”

Now, they are testing the political waters, so to speak. They are floating the name of Sen. Bong Go to be the presidential candidate of Duterte if the latter decides to run. Since it’s too early to throw his political hat to the presidency as he might be politically destroyed by other interested parties, Go keeps on denying the issue even if the President has been floating his “presidential dream.” But he also said his option is “open” or he might change his mind if the President will agree to be his runningmate. You see, the possible scenario? Go-Duterte tandem.

These “sipsip” are expecting that if Go and Duterte win, the latter will be running the show and Go will just be a puppet president. But do you think that will happen? At present, Go allows himself to be Duterte’s “dakilang alalay “(most trusted aide) because the latter is in power. But once Go is in power, do you think he will still allow himself to play his present role as an errand boy to the President? I don’t think so. That is an insult to his capability and intelligence. Maybe he will just listen to the advice or suggestions of Duterte, but not give him the full and total control of governance.

This scenario happened here in our local political setting. When former Cebu City mayor Tomas Osmeña gave his then vice mayor Alvin Garcia a chance to run for mayor. When Alvin won, Tomas tried to control him, but the latter refused to give in to his political patron’s whims and caprices. The result? They quarreled and went their different ways and even slugged it out in the next election for the mayorship. That situation was replicated in the Osmeña-Mike Rama tandem. When Mike won for mayor, he did not allow himself to be controlled by Tomas. They later became worst political enemies.

The President, or a mayor for that matter, has public accountability because it is the people who install him/her to the position. So, it is just proper that he will follow the dictates of his/her own mind and set his/her own direction and policies and not the dictates of others because he/she has a covenant with the people.

Sen. Manny Pacquiao, acting president of the administration party, PDP-Laban, was upset about the move of the “sipsip,” claiming the party leadership was not consulted. He publicly castigated and warned the organizer, Energy Secretary Alfonso Cusi, saying the latter’s move would create divisiveness among party members.

Pacquaio, who is also reportedly eyeing the presidency, accused Cusi of having personal agenda and vested interest in initiating the move. Cusi, the party’s vice chairman, with other presidential appointees and few elected officials initiated the “Duterte for vice president” movement here last week. Maayo pa si Pacquiao ninyo bisan walay insaktong edukasyon, makamao pa. Kamo noong mga bright boys, personal interest lang inyong gitan-aw.