Namastayactiv: Chasing that fitness routine

Tiffany L. Neri
·2 min read

WITH the days getting longer and nights getting warmer, we wonder: what is it about the summertime that gives us that extra boost of fitspiration?

It’s a general observation that people’s interest in redefining their health and lifestyle habits peak during the New Year’s season and the season of Summer.

It’s fascinating but not a big enough issue for us to question just because, well, these spikes of fitness motivation are good things that fuel good habits.


Among the habits it fuels is that of getting active. Being active is just the thing to help fight lethargy, laziness and a lack of energy. The only issue now is consistency—once you get active, how do you stay active?

A group of four friends decided that, to pursue and share that goal for staying fit and active, they would make their passion project come to life. Thus came the fitness brand, Namastayactiv.


Saying the name Namastayactiv, sounds like a promise to do exactly that. But putting that idea aside, the name is also a play on the yoga term “namaste” and the words “stay active”—pretty clever right?

Namastayactiv is a fitness brand that started selling locally-made fitness wear in the second quarter of 2020. Both a passion project and a promise between four friends—Zaira Valmeo, Rose Rica Yu, Mikael Torrefiel and Krisha Troyo—the brand is a testament to the quartet challenging themselves to live fit and healthy lives.


According to the founders, Namastayactiv started as a joke.

“We used to do all sorts of physical activities like yoga, wall climbing, tennis, badminton, trekking, diving, etcetera,” stated Valmeo with a little disclaimer that the group was “not your typical athletic, gym-rat type”.

She said that because the group was made up of “normal people trying to do all sorts of things that others might consider quite intimidating to do”, they wanted to show support to the regular people out there.

“We want people not to be intimidated by things and live life to the fullest. And, the only way to show our support is through clothes,” she continued. “Through garments that can be worn when doing all sorts of activities and living life unapologetically.”


Namastayactiv was envisioned to inspire self-awareness and serve as a reminder of self-love and kindness. From origination to creation, the team has proclaimed an unwavering commitment to quality and inclusive garments.

Valmeo said, “Our goal as a brand is to provide you with affordable, comfortable, and high quality activewear—but this isn’t just about buying quality products, it’s about actively giving back to our local community.”

More than anything, the active wear is functional and comfortable. The best part is, the items are locally-made, supporting a sustainable livelihood for Cebuano seamstresses.

Instagram: @namastayactiv