Narco cop killed in Quezon anti-drug op

Slain narco cop Ian Rey Abitona

Two days after President Rodrigo Duterte warned over a hundred “scalawag” police officers at Malacañang, a narco cop was killed on Thursday (August 8), after resisting arrest during a buy-bust operation conducted by the Counter Intelligence Task Force (CITF), Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) and Quezon Provincial Police Station.

The slain police was identified as PO2 Ian Rey Abitona of Infanta Municipal Office Station.

CITF commander PSSupt Romeo Caramat said that the warning of the President had nothing to do with the killing of the rogue police.

Caramat added that Abitona has long been under surveillance operation after he was reported to have been recycling and selling seized illegal drugs.

Abitona has also been known to use civilian assets in selling illegal drugs.

“Kanina nga gumawa tayo ng buy-bust operations at PO2 Abitona opted to fight it out with police operatives when he saw that he was transacting with the police-poseur buyer. Pero ayaw naman sana namin mangyari ito but we cannot do anything but to defend ourselves,” said the commander.

The CITF chief said that Abitona would even blatantly deal drugs while in uniform.

Caramat warned rogue cops like Abitona:

“My advice to our fellow policemen doing illegal activities is to stop immediately; otherwise I can say that their days are numbered.”

Abitona had been assigned to the illegal drugs unit in Quezon Provincial Police Office because of an earlier involvement in illegal drugs.

He is the fourth police officer killed in a CITF operation for resisting arrest. The group has made 20 arrests since Caramat took office as the CITF chief on June 8.

A thousand more police officers are listed as targets in succeeding operations. — Lea Ylagan

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