National Guard Distributes Approximately 18,000 Meals to Troops Stationed in Washington

The District of Columbia National Guard distributed approximately 18,000 meals to troops stationed in Washington on January 11, feeding an influx of troops who entered the city after protesters had stormed the US Capitol.

Footage uploaded by the DC National Guard shows the process of distributing the meals. “As part of a food service element, approximately 30 members of the DC National Guard ensure that 18,000 catered meals are unpacked, sorted, distributed and served to National Guard Soldiers and Airmen in Washington, DC,” wrote the DC National Guard on the post. According to the video, the National Guard had planned to distribute 18,000 meals daily.

Officials said the number of National Guard troops deployed to the city would increase to at least 10,000 by Saturday, up from an initial deployment of 6,200 from Washington and five nearby states, to increase security ahead of the inauguration of President-elect Joe Biden on January 20. Credit: District of Columbia National Guard via Storyful