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NBA Draft: What to expect from Thursday’s event

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Yahoo Finance's Josh Schafer joins the Live show to break down the expectations for Thursday's NBA Draft event.

Video Transcript

BRIAN CHEUNG: Let's move on to the world of sports. As the National Basketball Association draft is tonight, the Orlando Magic will be making the first pick, and there's three big names that are expected in that draft. People saying maybe this could be a weaker draft class, but you got the likes of Jabari Smith, Chet Holmgren, Paolo Banchero in the mix there. Let's bring in Yahoo Finance's Josh Shafer here with the preview. Again, Magic picking first, who do you think is going to go?

JOSH SCHAFER: I'd take Chet Holmgren.


JOSH SCHAFER: That's who I'd take.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Seven-footer with some handles.

JOSH SCHAFER: I-- yeah, right. Don't you just go pure talent, right? If you're going to go number one, you want to go for a unicorn-style player, right? That's the buzz word they love to use in the NBA, and I feel like everyone's a unicorn these days. But Chet Holmgren has that build. He's a 7'1" player that can handle the ball. He can play everywhere. You can kind of see--


JOSH SCHAFER: You can see the Giannis kind of fit, right? That kind of player. Not that kind of player, but that kind of--

BRIAN CHEUNG: Not until he bulks up, but yeah.

JOSH SCHAFER: Right, right, but that concept. And that's what people love in the NBA now.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Look how tall he is next to Mark Few. That guy is massive. Tell us about the NIL aspect of this, right? I mean, you know, this is a draft where for the first time, kids might have the option to stay at their school and make a few million dollars instead of go to the draft.

JOSH SCHAFER: Brian, for the second time in 39 years, the Naismith Player of the year is not going to be at the NBA draft.


JOSH SCHAFER: And that's really because of NIL, right? So Oscar Tshiebwe, the Kentucky big man that won the Naismith Player of the year, he's coming back for another year. He's got NIL deals. Armando Bacot from UNC, who a lot of people will remember from March Madness this year, really hot March. Normally that kind of player that gets a double-double in every game--

BRIAN CHEUNG: That's all you need.

JOSH SCHAFER: You ride into the draft.

BRIAN CHEUNG: You punch your ticket. Right, yeah.

JOSH SCHAFER: Instead, he punched his ticket into I think it was $21,000 in t-shirt sales in less than a month, and he's got a bunch of NIL deals. You've got to respect it now. I mean, it's a lot of fun to play college basketball at these kind of schools, a North Carolina, a Kentucky. And I think big men, particularly, we know don't fit that well and NBA and certain systems, right? Some of these bigger guys like a Bacot that doesn't move well, why not keep playing in college?

BRIAN CHEUNG: Well, and this is a good point because I guess there's now an economic analysis, where if you're going to be a top-three draft pick, of course you would go to the NBA because your rookie contract is going to be really nice. You're going to get inked into--

JOSH SCHAFER: $41 million.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Right. But if you start to fall towards the bottom of the draft, I mean-- I guess, like, is there a line where it becomes, OK, you know what? If you're the 10th, 11th, or 12th pick, like, maybe that's when you start to think about, I would get more money by just staying at my school and, you know, sponsoring Cheerios or something?

JOSH SCHAFER: Yeah, no, I definitely think that's a point. And I don't know if it's the first round as much as it is that second round, right? The second round is, like, definite. You should just stay. It really depends on the school you're at, too. We've seen that across NIL, right? You need to be at a basketball school-- a Duke, UNC.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Right, you can't be at some mid-major conference.



JOSH SCHAFER: You need to be at a school where it's a big deal because you can get a car deal now. You can get the local real estate place. And then what happens-- but then what happens with that is you then create yourself and you're-- you can be in that community forever. Some of these college athletes-- Tyler Hansbrough could go to Chapel Hill any day of the week and have a meal for free and probably have a job if he wanted to, right? Some of those famous athletes can really build a career there, and I think players are starting to realize that.

BRIAN CHEUNG: Would love to see 'Cuse guy just get sponsored by Tully's and just get chicken fingers for life.


BRIAN CHEUNG: Were you a big Tully's guy? By the way, Josh, he's another Syracuse Orange, so--

JOSH SCHAFER: I was a big Tully's guy. We watched a lot of Syracuse basketball at Tully's

BRIAN CHEUNG: My guy, my guy.

JOSH SCHAFER: Tully's tenders.

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