NBI arrests 6 Taiwanese for bank-account scam

The National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have arrested six Taiwanese nationals who were allegedly engaged in scam that targeted mainland China victims' bank accounts. The six were arrested last June 4 following a surveillance operation in Pampanga, according to a report submitted to NBI Director Nonnatus Rojas on Thursday. The NBI said its agents were able to confiscate at least 15 credit cards from the suspects. The NBI said charges of violation of Republic Act 8484 or the "Access Devices Regulation Act of 1998" have already been filed against the arrested suspects. One suspect was slapped with a separate criminal charge for attempting to bribe NBI operatives with P500,000. According to the NBI, the suspects' operation in the Philippines had them posing as Chinese authorities and calling up would-be victims in China. The gang divided itself into three groups. The first group profiled their prospective victims, determining if they would be easy prey. A second group then calls up victims, posing as a police officers and informing them that they were found to have violated China's anti-money laundering policies. The second group would then tell the victims to transfer money from their current bank account into a secured account, which the suspects would be providing the victims, to avoid their money being frozen. A third and final group then poses as prosecutors, who would tell the victims not to withdraw the money transferred to the secured accounts until they were given a go signal., After that, the suspects would then empty the "secured accounts," according to the NBI. The NBI said the victims would not be able to tell that the suspects are calling them from the Philippines with the help of technology that concealed the origin of the call and disguised the call as coming from China's local police. — DVM, GMA News