Nearly 90% of Cebu cops jabbed against Covid-19

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THE Cebu Police Provincial Office (CPPO) has inoculated 89.9 percent of its personnel against the novel coronavirus.

The police officers who refused to be vaccinated have signed waivers and these were sent to Camp Crame, the Philippine National Police headquarters in Metro Manila.

Of the CPPO’s 2,232 personnel, 2,008 officers have been vaccinated against Covid-19.

CPPO Director Col. Engelbert Soriano said nearly 30 percent of his personnel have received the first dose, while nearly 60 percent of the officers have been fully vaccinated.

Soriano said there are around 224 personnel who did not receive the Covid-19 vaccine as most of them have illnesses such as asthma and hypertension, while others had cough and colds before their vaccination.

Other police officers, he said, simply refused to be vaccinated even if they are healthy.


Soriano clarified that the police officers are not forced to receive the vaccine jabs.

But he said the CPPO personnel who refused to be vaccinated even though they were physically fit were made to sign a waiver.

Soriano said he did not know what the PNP chief would do about his personnel who refused to be vaccinated.

He said the CPPO has three new cases of infected police officers, but these officers were asymptomatic.

For Cebu City police, around 95 percent of the personnel have been vaccinated and only a few have refused to be vaccinated.

The city police has only one active Covid-19 case. (AYB / KAL)

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