Neil Arce blasts netizen for questioning Angel Locsin's good deed

Heidi Hsia
·2 min read

30 Mar – Neil Arce recently expressed his frustration over a netizen questioning his fiancée Angel Locsin's charity efforts in helping the frontliners combat the coronavirus.

On 27 March, the producer shared a post that was screencapped by a social media follower of a netizen who called Locsin's good deed "fake". The netizen stated that he was not impressed by the actress' effort as she is "earning an overpriced rate of P500,000 per taping day", and claimed that what she had done was all for publicity and self-promotion.

The netizen also added that rather than praise Locsin, everybody should instead compliment hardworking but underpaid frontliners.

In response to the allegation, Arce wrote, "First of all my fiancé is not trying to impress anyone So it doesn't really matter to US if you were not impressed. Stating that she makes that much money per taping a day is far from reality and is fallacious. I honestly believe that God made her successful because God knows she will use it to help those who are in need. Calling out all actors as self-centred and Filipinos idiots is something we do not need during this time of crisis sir."

Arce did agree with the netizen's sentiment that the frontliners are more worthy of praise for risking their lives every day, but then added, "This is the reason why we are doing this - to help our frontliners by making sure they are protected, making sure they can rest and by making sure we do everything we can to make their lives easier. impressing anyone especially people like you who seems to hate on people you do Not know personally is not at all important to us."

Locsin has recently been busy setting up tents around Metro Manila hospitals to help address overcrowding amid the surge of cases of the novel coronavirus disease (COVID-19).

(Photo Source: Neil Arce Instagram)