Neil Arce: Wife Angel Locsin not running for public office

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(Source: Angel Locsin/Instagram)
(Source: Angel Locsin/Instagram)

Actress Angel Locsin is not running in the upcoming elections, her husband Neil Arce made this clear in an Instagram post on Tuesday (October 5).

The film producer addressed people accusing Angel of only doing volunteer work because she would be seeking a government post in 2022.

“To those who accused my wife of wanting run this election just because she extended help to people in need, well.. She’s sitting here in front of me watching TV while corrupt politicians are filing their COCs. What do you have to say for yourselves now?” he wrote in his Instagram story.

(Source: Neil Arce/Instagram)
(Source: Neil Arce/Instagram)

Angel was rumored to be entering politics last year, when she was focusing on rescue operations during the height of the pandemic.

The actress has repeatedly said that she has no intention of entering politics.

During a live video conversation with actor Richard Gutierrez in May of last year, Angel first denied rumors that she planned to run for public office. 

For Angel, actors are already considered public servants. “As actors, we are public servants. I think our lives are very public. We do all this, not just for ourselves, but because we want to provide entertainment to people,” she said.

Angel later rejected plans to run for senator in September 2020, after a netizen suggested she would do so under the Liberal Party. She expressed concern that the netizen was disseminating "wrong propaganda."

She dismissed speculations about running for office again in September 2021. In a vlog, comedian Ogie Diaz said that Angel Locsin told him, that "We'll elect a deserving senator...not me.”

Angel, however, has demonstrated that one does not need to be an elected person to help others. Angel is at the frontlines through her work with the Philippine Red Cross. In March of last year, she was commended for her efforts to provide sanitation and isolation tents to hospitals in the country. Despite earning the ire of the president’s supporters, the actress continues to voice her opinion on the government’s COVID-19 response and other relevant social issues.

Meanwhile, the filing period for Certificates of Candidacy (COCs) began on October 1, formally kicking off the election season in the country. Aspirants can file their certificates of candidacy (COC) until October 8.

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