Nerdy Love: First-Ever ‘The Boyz’ Cup Sleeve Event in Cebu

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The “Hallyu wave” or the Korean wave has long impacted the trajectory of how we view the music industry altogether. K-pop and its tremendous influence all over the world made it possible for fans to foster close friendships with other fans who share similar inclinations as them.

The parasocial relationship between idols and fans may appear bizarre and comical to those who aren’t part of any fandoms but it encourages people to connect to strangers who later on become family.

Organising fandom events inside the K-pop community, or much known for their niche name—Cup sleeve events—is one way of supporting favorite K-pop groups while also meeting internet friends in real life. A cup sleeve event’s main purpose is to congregate fans and celebrate certain events inside the fandom (e.g. a member’s birthday or the group’s debut anniversary etc).

About Cup Sleeve Events

The term “Cup Sleeve Event’” is quite literal and usually happens in cafes. The event organizers give out cup sleeves to fans that creatively display pictures of their idols and these can be used for the drinks they purchase at the cafe while the event takes place.

In a cup sleeve event, fans are able to connect with fellow fans by participating in games arranged by the event organizers, jamming out to their idol’s music and celebrating their common love for their ultimate K-pop group (or their favorite k-pop group). Fans can also purchase official (and unofficial) merchandise and win prizes in games.

First Cup Sleeve Event for Deobis in Cebu

Dreamlike Cebu, a group of Deobis (The Boyz fans), organized the first-ever cup sleeve event in Cebu specifically for their fandom. It was held on April 23 in MangoSix Coffee and Dessert. The event celebrated The Boyz’s main rapper, Sunwoo’s birthday.

The event covered several segments and opened with a bingo game that served as an ice-breaker for the Deobis who didn’t particularly know each other. A game of charades was also played and lastly, the game, “Reveal the Song” wherein music from the K-pop group was played and the fans had to guess what the title of the song was based on the first five seconds.

It was indeed a spectacular success—evident in how the fans were joyfully socializing with one another, participating actively in the games and leaving the event with warm smiles and new friends to treasure for life.

To some people, K-pop might just be a pastime or a hobby to tend to when bored. But for others, it is what saves them. K-pop has become an avenue to reach out to others. It has become a way of life.

For these reasons, people need to grow out of their prejudices when it comes to fandoms.

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