Neri: Merry Christmas!

Nelia G. Neri
·1 min read

Though the feel of this year’s Christmas is vastly different from past Christmases, the season remains one of joy, love and peace. It’s a time for thanksgiving because we celebrate the coming of our Savior. Given the worldwide situation, the times call for a toned-down celebration with less frills and more subdued get-togethers.

Yes, the Covid-19 cloud hangs over our heads and our hearts are filled with uncertainties and fears. But there is always hope. There’s that bright, shining star leading us to the child in the manger. Let our hearts be lightened and brightened by its glimmer. Let us focus on the words... “God so loved the world that He gave His only begotten Son...”

There’s no stopping Christmas, difficult though the times may be. There’s no shaking off the spirit of Christmas, trappings or no trappings. It’s a time for rejoicing because Christ our Savior is born.