Neri: One and only

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No one is ever fully prepared to be a parent because there is no training for it. Parenting is a learning experience and it comes with challenges, problems and adjustments along with joy, satisfaction and fulfillment. Parents go through all kinds of emotions in raising children but topping them all is that feeling of happiness.

For parents with only one child, it is even a more special feeling because it comes with so much gratitude for having been given the gift of parenthood after all. Three Moms talk about how it is to have a “one and only.”

Glenn and Honey (Jarque) Loop feel blessed that they didn’t experience major challenges in rearing their son Edward (the chief operating officer of Cebu Safari and Adventure Park). Unlike the proverbial only child, he is neither spoiled nor self-centered.

Honey is thankful to her late Mom who shared in Edward’s upbringing. Also very much part of his growing up years were his cousins who were always there for him so he never felt alone and lonely. Typical of mothers (more so for mothers with only one child), Honey found it difficult to strike a balance between being over protective and allowing him to be on his own. Honey gladly disclosed: “As parents, we are firm believers of ongoing dialogues and sincere communication. Edward has proven time and again to be our greatest pride and ultimate joy.”


Nine-year-old Ella was the answer to the prayers of young couple Chris and Janice (Escario) King. Janice had a hard time conceiving and had a worrisome pregnancy.

Bringing up Ella has been a breeze for her parents because she is an easy and happy child and quick to make friends. However, Janice was taken aback when at three years old, Ella asked how babies are made or if they could just buy a baby at the mall because she wanted a sibling to play with.

Chris and Janice are on constant watch on how to balance giving Ella what she wants and instilling in her discipline so that she doesn’t get greedy. Janice cheerfully declared: “I am an extremely hands-on mom so having an only child has been very easy because I only need to attend to her needs without sacrificing my own or my husband’s. It would be great to have another baby come into our lives (if God permits), but we would be satisfied just having one, for us Ella will always be enough.”


Dr. Gerard Ypil III and wife Hazel (Quiletorio) are loving parents to only child Valerie who has grown up to be a responsible young lady. Hazel shares that the upside of having only one child is that all efforts are focused on just one and that makes for a very close relationship.

Gerard and Hazel were very much involved in whatever activities and interests Valerie had growing up. They made sure that she knew she could talk to them about anything. And she also had a loyal network of friends from school to keep her company and was in constant touch with family, especially her cousins.

Hazel is a believer in practicing “a bit of tough love” to avoid turning their daughter into a brat, and she also saw to it that Valerie was not indulged in all her whims. “We have to be strict and discipline her and inculcate the value of things and the importance of working hard to get what you want.”

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