Neri: Venturesome couple

Nelia G. Neri
·1 min read

Former banker Mariano Magistrado and wife, fashion jewelry designer Tina Campos are typical of today’s energetic young couples who are always on the lookout for business opportunities. While Mar kept busy with bank matters, Tina concentrated on her flourishing Tina Campos Jewelry business. However, Mar was always behind her with his full support.

At times when Tina felt that she needed a change of pace and some diversion from the world of fashion accessories, she turned to plants. She spent most of her weekends in the garden. It was a good thing that this love for the plant kingdom was something she shared with Mar. It didn’t take long for them to get hooked on cultivating pretty succulents and soon start a collection. Relatives and friends marveled at their lovely groupings and began to ask them for tips on how to grow and care for these beauties.

And thus the House of Blooms came to be. Mar and Tina decided to make the growing of succulents a full-time venture. Mar ended his banking career and took charge of the new business. He imports all kinds of succulents from Korea and China and has acquired countless varieties. The business has grown by leaps and bounds, and the House of Blooms Cebu in Guadalajara, Guadalupe, is unquestionably in full bloom!