Netizens condemn vandalism incident in Medellin, Cebu bamboo forest

Rebecah Roberts
·1 min read


This was what the majority of netizens said after photos of vandalized bamboo trees of a popular Cebu destination circulated online recently.

The Bamboo Forest in Medellin, Cebu is now one of the must-visit tourist spots in the province after its beautiful scenery captured the hearts of netizens. However, tourists are reminded to always be responsible when visiting.

A concerned netizen called out tourists who might have injured the plants by carving their names and confessions of love on the bamboo plants.

We all get it that you were there and that you love each other, but was it necessary?

The acts received different opinions from people. Others said it could attract more tourists if it were to be regulated, while others think that such acts are irresponsible and destroying the beauty of the said tourist spot.

One netizen commented that people should no longer be surprised when Mother Nature punishes its citizens for such behavior.

"And yet you wonder why Mother Nature punishes us like there's no tomorrow. Look at how you treat her, she's just giving back what we're due, hundredfolds," she said.

Another netizen commented that vandalism on bamboo trees will not affect them in general but can destroy the harmony of the place.

"It really doesn’t affect the bamboo that much but it just looks dirty, that’s all," he said.

Whatever our opinions may be, we all must remember to be responsible, especially at tourist spots. It is always better to maintain a clean and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.