Newly buried body found naked beside her grave

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THE cadaver of a 63-year-old woman was dug up by still unidentified persons in Kabankalan City, Negros Occidental.

The body was missing its clothes, which led police to believe that it was sexually molested.

Lieutenant Colonel Raymond Cruz, chief of the Kabankalan City Police Station, said the incident was discovered Monday morning, August 29, 2022.

Cruz said the woman’s nephew, Ricky Aguilar, called up the station to report that the body of his aunt, Gloria Padrigo, had been excavated from her grave at the public cemetery.

Aguilar told police that his aunt was buried on Sunday afternoon, August 28. He and other relatives returned the next day to visit only to be greeted by the sight of her naked body beside the grave.

Aside from believing the body was victimized by persons who suffer from necrophilia, “a perverted sexual behavior where the perpetrator gets pleasure having sex with the corpses,” police will check with relatives if the body was missing any jewelry. (BBT/AYB/PJB)