#CES2021: Razer unveils hi-tech mask, gaming chair with 60-inch screen

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#CES2021: Razer unveils hi-tech mask, gaming chair with 60-inch screen
#CES2021: Razer unveils hi-tech mask, gaming chair with 60-inch screen

13 Jan 2021: #CES2021: Razer unveils hi-tech mask, gaming chair with 60-inch screen

At the ongoing Consumer Electronic Show (CES) 2021, Razer has introduced two next-generation concepts called Project Brooklyn and Project Hazel.

The former is a gaming chair with a 60-inch retractable OLED display while the latter is a smart mask with enhanced safety and sustainability functions.

Unfortunately, these are just concepts and will not be made available to the public anytime soon.

Concept #1: Project Brooklyn: A fully immersive gaming chair

Project Brooklyn transforms a regular gaming chair into a full-fledged entertainment setup at the touch of a button. A 60-inch curved OLED screen emerges out of the seat's back, offering a panoramic gaming experience.

Meanwhile, the modular 4D armrests allow an easy switch from PC gaming to console gaming. The LED strips can be personalized from around 16.8 million colors and various lighting effects.

Fact: The chair offers haptic feedback as well

As for the framework, Project Brooklyn has a carbon fiber bucket seat for ideal postures during gaming. It also features Razer Hypersense Technology, which uses high-fidelity haptic modules to "transmit the most sensitive tactile feedback."

Concept #2: Project Hazel: 'World's smartest mask'

Additionally, keeping in mind the COVID-19 pandemic and its consequences, Razer has introduced Project Hazel, which it claims is the "world's smartest mask."

It has a transparent face cover, a built-in microphone, speaker, and a surgical N95 respirator with a high bacterial filtration efficiency and a high fluid resistance.

And since it is a Razer mask, you also get customizable lighting zones.

Fact: Project Hazel comes with auto-sterilization function

Project Hazel comes with a unique charging case lined with a UV light, which sanitizes the mask by killing the bacteria and viruses. The mask is also waterproof, scratch-resistant, and is made of recyclable plastic to reduce wastage.

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