Next-gen Honda Civic Type R spied from every angle

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It’s been over a year since we last showed you spy shots of a next-gen Honda Civic Type R. In that time, Honda has revealed both the 2022 Civic Sedan and Hatchback. We’ve driven the Sedan, but the Type R is using the Hatchback body style, just like the previous generation.

We’ll look at the two side-by-side later on in this story, but let’s start with what’s changed on this test car versus the one from a year ago. The most obvious difference is the presence of an actual, production exhaust system. You’ll notice that the center-exit triple-tip exhaust is making its way from the old car to the new one. However, look closely, and you’ll notice a small difference. The new triple-tip exhaust has one larger center tip and two smaller flanking tips, whereas the previous generation car is reversed with a smaller center tip and two larger tips flanking it.

Beyond that exhaust, there isn’t much else new we can learn from the rear. It still appears to be devoid of fake vents, and the wing continues to be large and proud. This frontal view isn’t giving much away either. It still has that mesh grille and prominent LED headlights. The one change we’ll point out is Honda’s covering of the front bumper’s side intakes. These intakes were open and very obviously vents on the first Type R we spied, but Honda has shrouded them with camo in this latest test car.

The same big wheel, tire and brake package is plenty visible, and the bodywork used on the side and fenders all looks unique to the Type R. And now that we have photos of the standard Hatchback, let’s line it up next to this test car.

From the front:

This illustrates rather nicely how very different the Type R’s styling is from the standard Hatchback. The two share common bones and basic design, but all the added Type R bits seriously transform the car.

And from the rear:

Here’s where you see how much weight that giant wing is pulling back there. The flared hips and enough downforce to eat your lunch on turns the Civic Hatchback from an interesting commuter into an aggressive super-hot hatch.

We’re pumped to see this new Type R be revealed, even if the outgoing one is still a total peach. At this point, the wait is still on, but it’s feeling much more in reach now that the base Civic is out and on sale.

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