What’s next for ‘Peaky Blinders?’

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Warning: Slight spoilers ahead!

We expect the unexpected when it comes to the eventual end of the great series that started on Netflix, “Peaky Blinders.”

It’s easy to overlook details in the show. One starts to think the show goes one way and Tommy Shelby just does the polar opposite. Perhaps, that’s the beauty of the show. We never quite know what we are going to get next.

Most of the time we find Mr. Tommy Shelby finessing his way through the toughest situations, and as an example we may use Tommy Shelby’s house.

This was where his wife was shot dead but toward the end of Season Four, we see it being used as a celebratory place when they have beaten and killed Luca Changretta, a Mafia Boss who is natively Italian.

Where there is a place of great trauma and pain, the Peaky Blinders show us the power of perspective, and how that place of pain can be used as an opportunity to generate a place of happiness.

Tommy Shelby tried to take some time off the job after annihilating Mr. Changretta, but for him it seemed like he was just slowly dying inside. At the beginning of Season Five, he looked like a fish out of water or a deer in the headlights. He was like a war veteran who recently retired; the trauma, shock still going through his head. The adrenaline hits were very much there. What did he do? He thought of running it back with his Peaky Blinders yet again.

For anyone who hasn’t watched the golden fairytale that hails from Birmingham, you have some catching up to do. With the recent release of Season Six, a first-time watcher will have plenty of time to stay up-to-date with what has happened.

Show creator Steven Knight said that Tommy Shelby will return, rather in the form of a feature film. So you fans duly strap your boots, and be ready for that moment, it’s all for Birmingham after all.

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