Next Subaru Wilderness model teased, and we're sure we know what it is

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Subaru is really getting into the habit of releasing teasers with virtually no information. We can't say we're big fans, but at least this one for the next Wilderness model shows enough that we can guess what it will be based on: the Subaru Forester.

Looking closely, you can make out the placement of the side mirror as well as styling creases on the door and fender. Referencing it against other Subaru models that don't have Wilderness trims, and the only model that fits is the Forester. There weren't exactly many options, of course, since the Outback Wilderness covers the regular model and the Legacy. That leaves the Impreza line, Ascent and BRZ. The Impreza is already covered by the Crosstrek, the Ascent is on the large side, and the BRZ doesn't even have all-wheel drive. So the Forester is the most logical pick anyway.

The teaser also shows that the bright blue hue offered on the Outback will show up on this Forester Wilderness, too. We can also spy the edge of some extra-large black plastic fender flares. The car should also get additional ground clearance, the enhanced X-Mode off-road traction management, off-road tires and various other features to accommodate active, outdoor lifestyles.

No reveal date has been given, but we're expecting it to be shown later this year or early next.

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