Bears recover bizarre fumble after Lions snap ricochets off Jared Goff

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The Detroit Lions appeared to have some on-field communication issues in their game against the Chicago Bears on Sunday, and it led to an embarrassing snap situation and a bizarre fumble recovery for the Bears.

With under three minutes left in the first quarter, the Lions were in the red zone and setting up for a first-and-goal. Normal, right? Very normal. Then quarterback Jared Goff walked forward a few steps, presumably to change the play, but no one in front of him knew that was happening. 

What happened next? The ball was snapped when Goff was mid-step and completely not ready. 

Whoopsie! The ball ricocheted off Goff's shoulder and directly into the hands of defensive end Bilal Nichols. 

There were flags everywhere at the end of the play, but they were all on Detroit for illegal motion. Of course that penalty was declined, and Chicago had the football. 

Not a great moment for Goff and the Lions, especially since they were in the red zone and could have scored a touchdown, or at least a field goal in a game they eventually lost, 24-14. Instead, the Bears — who were starting at their own 11-yard line — stomped 89 yards down the field in six plays and scored a touchdown. 

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